Hehe, and i said i was gonna keep this thing updated...

Well, if youre in Nursing School i say you have an excuse as to whether you update a journal every day, week, month, or however long!

But, lots of stuff been going on since the last post. Im doing well in 2 out of the 3 nursing classes im in and i officially declared a double major in Japanese as well as Nursing. :D
For the class im not doing well in, ive got time to pull it up (and i intend to of course!).

I just finished up working the first half of the semester in the Mother & Baby unit at CHH. Im still doing my thing on 4 North (MedSurg). Today i took care of a 23y/o comatose patient. Ive never worked out so much. Now im starting on the Labor & Delivery unit for the rest of the semester. I hope i see some good births! So far, ive just dealt with a 16y/o giving birth to her baby that had died inutero. :'(

So, the things I have to work on include:

a. studying for 2 nursing tests and a japanese test for next week
b. theorist paper
c. immunization paper/poster project
d. thought log and creative presentation
e. family assessment

Thats the hard copy stuff i have to do besides studying for tests. Everything else is clinicals and preparing for that and working with patients. Its gettin' busy!!

So, less than 2 months till Japan. Im getting more nervous yet excited. I really cant wait. I think im going to love traveling. Its just so exciting to think im going to a completely different country where nothing I know is going to be the same. And whats best is i love everything about that country and the difference in culture. I might not come back! :D

I... guess im gonna back to working on my theorist paper. I want to get a good portion done that way I can study the rest of the week without worrying about not having even started!

SO, later perhaps?

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Stick with your first choice!


I hate when i take a test, and those few questions im never positive about, i sometimes change the answer, later to find, i was right in the beginning. I resisted changing one question, but the one i did change, ended up being right in the first place! Man, I need to just, study hardcore from here on, keep up with everything perfectly so i can be extremely confident next time!


And also what sucks, i tried to study a lot and kept falling asleep doing it. Then around 1 i finally woke up and studied till 7 this morning, and then woke up at 8:30 to get ready and took the test at 10. Im so flippin' spent... If i just studied earlier, i could have slept better.

Anyway, tomorrow's the big day. Got a 'womans checkup' and then Quaker Steak & Lube, biotch!

You wish you were going. Too bad, just me, Amah, and Sir Eric.

OH, big news i totally forgot. Kenji and I just found out, his sister is gonna have a baby!!!!! He's gonna be UNCLE KENJI! HAHAHA. And I'll be Aunt Jeshika-in-law, haha. She's two months pregnant and is due around January 28th. That is so upsetting cause we'll be in Japan in January but we'll be leaving the 9th. If only we could be there when she has him/her! It's so damn cute! Ive never been so excited about a baby other than when my Japanese teacher announced she was pregnant. Its gonna be great.

Well, if i think of something interesting, i'll be sure to throw it out there. Back to studying.

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Adventure & Fish!

Well, its been a pretty good weekend so far. I will elaborate.

Thursday I drove back home to Charleston and brought Kenji. I had volunteer work at the library and dragged Kenji along cause he didn't want to be left alone at the house. Afterward, the two librarians that I work for, Linda and Teresa, came to meet Kenji and it was of utmost importance that Linda approve of him (ha. ha.). When we completed the interrogation, Kenji and I went to Subway to veg-out (heh, veg.. subway.. hehe). When we got home, I mostly studied for a bit, sewed patches onto K's pants and finally went to bed around 1:30 in the morn. At 6 a.m., I was awakened to prepare for a day of
Kings Island!!
which Kenji has never been to until now. The big story is, I've always been so great at riding crazy ass rides and never feeling sick at all. Until the past few years that is. Its really hard not to get sick now. So i decided i'd try out some of my mothers "motion sickness" pills. When we got in, we went straight to Drop Zone, cause it's our favorite ride. I def. always feel a little wasted after that ride and can't ride anything crazy for a little bit. Well, we made our way to the glorious top, waited, dropped like a bad habit, freaked out a bit, walked away and suddenly thought "OMG, I DONT FEEL SICK!??". It was great. I was so excited! I just high-tailed it to the next ride. It was just a quick water ride, which I usually never get that wet on. My mom never even rides these things, but this time, she bought a poncho just for it, haha. Well, we all got on, and.... we all got soaked. I looked like i just got out of the shower. It was hilarious.
Man, I was still feeling great, so I saw a rollercoaster ride ive never ridden. Kenji and I went alone on this one. It was called "Invertigo". Its really short, but you go forward once and then backward once. We decided to endure the wait just to be up front. I was so excited for something new. It loaded up and shot down the track. Forwards we go! WOO, it was so crazy. Then we stop a second, and launch right back the way we came. That's when it happened. Every single organ in my body just exploded and that little "pill" i took must have just evaporated right out of existance. I got off that little fucker and about died. Straight to the bathroom is was for me. I have never felt worse after riding anything before. Lesson to be learned: dont get too excited when you take a happy pill and think it'll work for anything. It doesnt. I just waits for you do the worst thing you could that youre absolutely sure you'll survive, then just kick you in the ass and call you a gullible little shit and walk away!
Other than that, the rest of the park was great. After i felt better that is. We rode the new rollercoaster, Diamondback. Although it doesnt look or sound so amazing on tv, it was AWESOME. It has such STEEP drops! And it just keeps DROPPING and DROPPING! I LOVE WAVERUNNERS!
But man, when we left, as soon as i got in the car, I was OUT. I slept the whole way back. It was great.

So today, nothing but chillin. My dad decided we were gonna cookout. So we had steaks, baked potato, corn-on-the-cob, green beans, and rolls. While everything was cooking, Kenji and I went fishing. I havent been fishing since i was little..
It was really fun. We didn't catch anything before dinner, but after we went back, Kenji cause a good sized catfish. I didnt catch anything, but a fucking fish at my worm right off the hook FOUR times. That really pissed me off.

Now tomorrow is Father's Day, Kenji and I have prepared my Dad's gifts and are ready for a good day tomorrow. More fishing, badminton, and DQ ice cream cake! Im excited.

Man, i have my test monday and i havent studied a lot for it yet. I took a quiz on the new material im supposed to be working on too just to try, and it sucked. She gave us 10 minutes less to do it and I got a 60%. Good thing i get two tries. I go from like, getting between a 90 and 100 to a fucking 60. Its just so distracting since I know i have to study for the test too. I cant believe this. I dont want to do bad, but i feel like i have no time now... UGH.

おやすみなさい (Oyasuminasai/Goodnight)
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Shortest Days

I can't help going to sleep at 6 in the morning and not waking up till about 5 in the afternoon. I love to sleep, but i love staying up at night. It makes it so hard to have a normal day, since my avg. day consist of about 5 hours of daylight. But i have a fruitfull night life.

Ok, that was a lie. I just study, watch tv, and play games with K all night. That's it.

So I got up around 5:15, ate "bruncher" (thats my cool combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner), then went to the gym with K like always at 6:30. I just got back, and that's all my day has consisted of. いいですね?

My activities for tomorrow, however, will be completely different. I have to get up around 11, go to the bank with K to get money so we can purchase our airline tickets for Japan, go to the mall to shop for Daddio an assortment of Father's Day items, and then go home so I can make it to the first Summer Reading Program night to volunteer for. Then, Friday a.m. at 7, my family, K, and myself, will be departing for a rowdy day of Kings Island festivities. Kenji has never been so im excited for him! :D

Tuesday will be grand. I'll be in so Amy and I can go to Quaker Steak for an all-you-can-eat-i'll-whoop-your-ass wings night! すげ~~!

That's about it for now. I have really got to study since my first Pharm test is Monday, and i have new material to work on thats due the Sunday before the test, and MedsPub (like an online workbook of shit) to do as well. Sometimes I wonder really why professors decide to make us work on new material before the test while they know we have to study for the test as well. I guess it makes since cause our professor is a douche cause she hates her position in the nursing department so she likes to irritate everyone else. I will get her.

[my God, i just killed another fly, and that literally, no lie, makes about 34 flies total so far that Kenji and I have killed in this apartment in the past week. WTF]

さやうなら [Sayoonara]
ジェシカ [Jessica]
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& a new life althogether

Making a new start.

Lots of changes have happened in the past year and half about. I deleted everything ive ever posted on this account. There was just way too much history, especially the kind you just need to remember only through memory, not by reading about it.

To update my life:

My last relationship from High School ended about a year and a half ago. No regrets, but am happy about the change, although at first I was very reluctant. You know how we girls can act. Thinking whomever we're with at the time, its just not possible to live without them anymore, especially if its been a relationship that's made it over years. It was an easier let go for me because I already had someone in the waiting for me, and since then, its been wonderful with him. Just to clarify because i feel like writing everything, his name is Kenji Ueda. He's Japanese, an exchange student at Marshall. He was my conversation partner for when i first started taking Japanese. Somehow, after getting to know each other, we started to spend time together outside of context, and thus our relationship blossomed. We've been together for over a year and are engaged. We dont plan to get officially married till we're both out of college, which will be about 2 years, if nothing changes (knock on wood).

A lot of unfortunate circumstances came up between friends over the past two years or so. Not that I need to bring up names, but I've just lost a good friend, fell out of touch with a lot of others, and also lost a best friend, but just only recently have gained that friendship back.

It has been a very hard year and half, but things are starting to find its place in my life. Nursing school was extremely intimidating the first semester. I almost didn't make it through one of my classes, but I worked with my professor and brought my grade up and made it. I was thrilled. And the last semester, I didn't have as hard a time, but still didn't make the grades I wanted. Now im taking a summer Pharmacology class for Nursing so I wont have to take during the Fall Semester and then i'll be heading into my third year of Nursing School. It's getting busier and harder, but hopefully I can make it through. Ive been working so hard, and I really love Nursing, so, I think I can pull it off.

Some really great news for me. Im going to Japan this winter with Kenji. We're going to spend about a week with my brother and his wife for Christmas and then i'll spend about a week with Kenji and his family for New Years. Im so nervous to meet his family. No one else besides him speaks English, so Im going to have to try to speak Japanese and then rely on Kenji to translate between us. I feel so ashamed of that. Since ive been studying Japanese for two years, I feel like i should be able to speak to them, but i mean, i really havent learned that much to still have a full conversation easily. I just feel since they know im studying Japanese, i should be able to understand them somewhat. Anyway, I have a semester to study and since my schedule was so busy for Nursing, I actually got permission to take Japanese normally for two days but on one day, I'll have private lessons with my teacher, so maybe she can work with me and help prepare me a little bit more for meeting them.

I guess that's about it for now. If i leave something out that I wanted to mention, I'll update it here.


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